Interesting! Force Motors Working On a Premium 18 Lakh SUV

Times of India has stated that obscure four-wheeler manufacturer Force Motors is looking to rise up the value chain in the coming years. They are confident that their annual turnover will reach 10,000 crore within the next five years, and hence they have chalked up an elaborate 1000 crore investment plan for the next couple of years.

Currently, they have offerings in the spectrum of 6-12 Lakhs. The product that is in the works might be priced within 12-18 Lakhs. This news has been confirmed by their General Manager Sanjay Patrikar.

Force-One-SUV (6)

According to him, the company has a burning desire to have its fingers dipped in every segment. Hence, they are looking to diversify across price ranges. This introduction of a premium SUV is also expected to burnish their brand image.

It is also good news for SUV enthusiasts since a new, capable player means pitched battles to be fought between the automakers in their bid to woo the customer. In the end, we have better products and more choices. It is also to be noted that the existing model of Force Motors – the Force One SUV, has the potential to hit other players like Tata and Mahindra in the longer run.

The company recently launched two new variants of the Force One SUV and is thus quite visibly on a roll. The base version of the Force One has a BSIII compliant Mercedes OM 616 derived 2.6-litre direct injection turbo engine with 82PS and 230Nm, same as the Gurkha. The SX variant carries the Mercedes derived BSIV compliant 2.2 Litre common rail FMTECH diesel engine with a variable geometry turbo and whips up 141PS and 321Nm. (More Details)

They also are all set to launch a luxury variant of the Force One the LX version by next month. Its price hasn’t been announced but is expected to be in the range of 13-14 lakhs and will come with 4×4 and ABS as standard. Apart from that, Force Motors is also working on a luxury MPV based on Mercedes Vito/Viano platform which will be launched next year.

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