In an interesting scoop sneaking in, Ford is slated to creat a sub-brand in China which would be called as ‘Jia Yue‘.

Jia Yue, when translated to English means Good Leap. Ford operates in China under a joint venture as Chang’an-Ford. Chinese website Auto.Sohu has revealed the name and the logo of the new brand. The logo has two wings and the car which has been scooped is the Ford Focus Classic.

Jia Yue Logo

In all probability, this new brand ‘Jia Yue’ is expected to be a budget brand under which Ford would price and launch cheaper cars. This is generally the strategy which companies follow to penetrate into markets at the same time not diluting their original brand image.

Here is the tag in Chinese – Jia Yue

How far would Ford want to take it is best known to the company yet, but this seems to be an interesting move by the American Auto giant.


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Source: Auto.Sohu




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