A report published on Autocar India suggests that Tata Motors will showcase two new variants of the Tata Nano at the Auto Expo. Interestingly, one of those variants could well be the cheapest automatic car in the world. 

Tata-Nano-TwistThe arc lights will be shining upon the Tata Nano AMT at the company’s stall at the Auto Expo. It would go on sale in India in the year 2015, and will be the cheapest automatic car in the world. Tata Motors had been working on an automatic transmission for some time, and it has materialized in the form of the Tata Nano AMT. Just yesterday Tata has already unveiled the AMT equipped Zest.

Nano Twist Active

The other variant of the Tata Nano on display will be the Nano Twist Active. The Nano Twist was the Nano perked up with a power steering, and the Twist Active will be a variant consisting of an addition in the form of a rear openable tail gate. This will be a major value addition for the Nano as owners have been complaining of this issue ever since the car has been launched. The access to the cramped luggage area via the rear seats is a difficult task to perform on the Nano.

However, this addition has a single caveat: It has led to the increase in weight of the car by about 70-80 kilograms.

The desperation in Tata Motors’ measures can be very well seen. Nano has hardly succeeded in titillating the audience ever since it was born, and the production capacity at the dedicated Nano factory in Sanand remains under-utilized. Even the other models of Tata Motors aren’t doing well, and the company is witnessing a downward plunge.

Do you feel the new variants of the Nano will be able to revive its sales trajectory?

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