Is Audi All Set to Replace BMW as Numero Uno in Indian Luxury Car Segment?

Things have been getting really hot in India in the luxury car market space. BMW has been the undisputed leader in the luxury car segment, TILL NOW!

But this year’s figures reveal a different story. Close rival and competitor Audi has shown a growth of 55% at 7,267 units . On the other hand BMW`s sales figures show a negative trend as the company managed to sell only 7,389 units in this year. That gives BMW India a lead of only 122 units.


Audi seems to be closing the gap and vying for the top position aggressively. BMW`s new president in India Phillip Von Sahr is confident that BMW will be able to sustain its leadership in the market. He also quoted that competitors believe in gaining leadership through discounts with an apparent reference to Audi.

Audi, which has recently announced a price hike of upto 5% in January, denied the claim and said the company’s growth has been due to the launch of new models and increased dealership network. Audi has been gaining maximum units after the launch of their most affordable Q3 SUV.

BMW is going to launch the refreshed X1 mini SUV in January 2013 to ensure they stay on top. BMW plans to locally manufacture the high volume models like 3, 5, 7 series and X1 and X3 SUV`s. This would mean that these models would be more affordable due to localization.

All in all the competition would be getting tougher and tougher as the third placed Mercedes plans to join the bandwagon with their smallest offering A-Class sometime next year. For these two top manufacturers, we have still got 2 more months for the year to end. We`ll come to know who the undisputed leader is!

Do you think Audi will be able to pip BMW for the number ONE position in Indian luxury car space?


Eshwar Prasad

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Source: Economic times

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