Back in 2013-14, Hyundai’s Verna was the segment leader by a fairly large margin. During those times, City (petrol-only) and Maruti Suzuki SX4 were reduced to paltry figures. However, Honda pulled up a fast one with the new-gen City with diesel, and Maruti Suzuki followed with their new feather-light Ciaz.

Both the cars went onto uproot Verna from the top slot and Hyundai had to act. Act, they did, with the new 2015 Verna 4S which was launched on February 18 this year. A reasonable time has passed and we feel it is an appropriate time to understand how much trouble is the new Verna causing to City and Ciaz, if at all!


Analyzing the figures, we understand that even with the new Verna, Hyundai has failed to concern anyone at Honda’s or Maruti’s headquarters! If we consider the first quarter sales, Verna is a distant third in the C2 sedan segment and Ciaz triumphs over with over double its sales and City has sold almost four times more. (sales figures sheet below)

As per SIAM sourced sales data, Hyundai sold 1,620 units of the car in June 2015. That’s exactly the same number of cars they sold back in January 2015 with the pre-facelift model! March 2015, which was the first full month of sales for the new Fluidic 4S Verna, saw 3,400 units going out. Ever since then the numbers have been on the downward slide with April and May registering 2,802 and 2,127 units respectively.

Verna Sales Comparison with Last Year

Hyundai Verna sales

In terms of complete quarter sales, at 6549 units in Q1 FY 16, Verna is about 3400 units short when compared with the Quarter one of last financial year. We have shared a comparative month-on-month chart above for your immediate referral.

City vs Ciaz vs Verna: Quarter 1 FY 16 Sales Comparison


What City and Ciaz have done is expand the segment and at the way both of them are going at present there doesn’t seem to be any looking back. We do NOT see Verna troubling them unless there is some unprecedented turn of events somewhere…

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So, has Hyundai lost the plot with Verna? Will it continue to be a distant third?




  1. The simple reason why this is happening is that Verna lacks backseat space which in a C2 segment buyers want and which both City & Ciaz are offering with rear ac & power outlets, who will want to buy the Verna when it feels claustrophobic at the back. Further it has already been announced that the new Verna is expected to be launched in first half of 2016 so even the loyal buyers wouldn’t make a decision now. Apart from this reason there has been a hype always that the Verna does not drive well and the suspension is not good further ensuring that buyers do not consider Verna, so no good reason to buy, yes it is a good for a buyer who drives but then spending 13+ L customers look at an all round package and hence inspite of having the most powerful and smooth engine the Verna loses out.
    The City inspite of all the niggles and lower plastic quality ends up selling more because of the brand value and the royal backseat space.
    the Ciaz is certainly a good car with all sides covered and matches the City in all aspects except for the brand value perception, if only they launch the Ciaz with 1.6 capacity engine then it would beat the City for sure.
    So till the time Hyundai takes care of the backseat space and ride quality (to some extent they have already in the updated model) the Verna will always be last amongst these three.
    Hope the new model expected to be launched next year takes care of these things and Hyundai stops the habit of removing features from new model. Till then the City & Ciaz has no competition.


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