New Hyundai Sonata

Various reports of Hyundai’s premium-most sedan Sonata, a car which has been present¬†since the early half of the millennium, getting axed from India have been doing rounds on the internet, including a¬†one at Autocar.

They say that poor sales because of the absence of a diesel engine are the main reasons of Sonata’s demise.

New Hyundai Sonata

There is no official word on this from the company and the car is very much present on Hyundai’s website. But yes, from the ‘Pricing’ Page, which lists current prices of all Hyundai cars, it has been stuck off! Moreover, Hyundai has showed no intent of launching the new 2015 version of Sonata in India as well.

Sonata Sales in India

According to the official SIAM data we have, Hyundai Sonata sold 3 units in October 2014, 6 units in November 2014 and 9 units in December 2014 in India. Additionally, Sonata’s cumulative sales from April to December 2014 stood at 77 units. In isolation these appear to be real puny in the already shrinking D2 sedan segment, but Sonata’s sales were only third in this premium sedan segment and only Superb (884 units) and Camry regular (156 units) scored more.

There are speculations of Hyundai introducing their flagship sedan Genesis in India but it will be a costly affair!




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