Automatic Transmissions, are they a need of today? Well, let’s see how they sum up against good old adrenaline pumping Manual Transmissions.

Previously Automatic Transmissions were found only on luxury cars in India but eventually Maruti Suzuki made it available for the common man in Maruti 800 and then Maruti Suzuki Zen. Then came Hyundai with an automatic transmission fitted in Santro and all that has came so far. Till now they were never made as standard offering just because of the price hike like the Ford Fiesta’s automatic version costs some 70,000 INR more than the manual one but again, the company offers a 10 year 2.5 lac kilometers warranty and trust Us, they are almost maintenance free. By providing this, the companies are actually working to brainwash all the myths about automatic cogs like costly repairs and high on maintenance and no availability of road side mechanics.


Automatic Transmissions are pretty useful when it comes to bumper to bumper traffic condition not only in Metropolitan cities but also in medium size cities like Indore, Pune, Nagpur, etc. Well well, We just had a look on the usefulness of the Automatic Tranny but what about manuals? Biggest problem with the manual transmission is the clutch, while learning how to ride or drive, one has problems on ‘How to use it” and then has problems while using it for so prolonged period while it tends to heat and sometimes over-heat on wrong usage which might end up with a burnt clutch as well. So if you’re the one who has to drive mostly in cities and rarely on highways, We would love to recommend You the Auto tranny for the ease it offers and cheap runs in extreme and mild traffic conditions, trust us you won’t be stranded in the middle of some road with a burnt one, it won’t, so easily.


Automatic transmissions will sooner or later will be the need of everyone just like power brakes and then power steering and power windows made their way. Assistance is always welcomed by humans especially when it’s to reduce fatigue while driving. Manuals won’t fade out and will always be their in some form or another for the performance enthusiasts and petrol heads like us but We too would love to drive Autos for a change sometime.




  1. sorry but 800 had an automatic variant ? :O
    AFAIK it had a 5-speed alto engined version,but automatic? :O
    Main problem according to people with auto is that they drink more than manual 🙂
    I did not find anything about it in this article,would love to know whether this one is a myth also ?


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