Is Tata Preparing the 2013 Nano?

The most hyped small car for the last 3 years has ended up being one of the slowest sellers in the segment. No prizes for guessing; it, indeed, is the Tata Nano.

With dismal monthly sales, Nano could officially be called as a flop car. We guess its only Ratan Tata’s push that is keeping Nano sailing and every other day we see newer prospects and initiatives to push the car.


Barely a few days back, Tata talked about refreshing the Nano in order to realize its full potential and yesterday we spotted this test mule of Nano. In fact, we have been spotting ‘On Test’ Nano’s roaming around the outskirts of Pune for some time now.

Apart from the current petrol model, Tata is planning at least 2 more different fueled Nano’s.

  1. Tata Nano Diesel
  2. Tata Nano CNG

Apart from these, there were speculations of a bigger 800cc Nano as well. And we believe all these different variants would come with the next generation Nano. The next wave of success is expected with the diesel variant which would sport World’s smallest 800cc Turbo diesel engine.

We expected Tata to launch the Nano CNG by this Diwali to push its sales, instead Tata launched a Special Edition of Nano which offered alloy wheels and many other features worth Rs 25000 free of cost.  Now, we expect Nano CNG to make way during the first half of this year with the diesel following way during the later half.


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