Is Volkswagen Testing New Engines on This Polo?

Volkswagen very recently gave their Polo hatch a mid-life cosmetic facelift. However, there was nothing wrong with the car’s design.

It always looked classy and simple.

It is the 3-pot engines that have been criticized for lack of power and refinement. A recent speculation did g around citing the possibility of 4-cylinder engines on the Polo but there has been no date talked about it yet.


A couple of days back, we spotted this Volkswagen’s test mule running across the outskirts of Pune. The first question that arose in our minds, “Is Volkswagen testing new engines on the Polo?” Now, we could not make out anything significantly different from our current Polo from the rear pics we have. However, if you closely notice the ‘POLO’ decal is slightly left aligned without any ‘TDI’ badge.


For our regular petrol Polo this decal is completely right aligned without much space left towards its right. So, is Volkswagen preparing the new engines for Polo for India? Let us wait and watch as things should unfold pretty soon. Meanwhile do check out this scoop of Volkswagen testing the 1.2 Turbocharged petrol TSI Polo in India.


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