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Updated in April in 2012, Maruti’s small car WagonR has been a roaring success for the company. The all-new car just carried forward the legacy left by the older one. 

Back in August this year, Maruti also launched a limited edition – WagonR Pro. In a latest, we hear that Maruti is planning for a facelift of their petrol-only car to keep the model fresh. This was revealed by AutoCar Editor, Hormazd Sorabjee while replying to a query on Twitter.


Hormazd says, “Yes, there’s a minor facelift expected in January”

Not much is known but considering the current age of the all new WagonR, this would definitely be a very minor refresh with a few tidbit changes. And considering the history, all the changes would be cosmetic and not much of the engine or mechanicals are expected to be touched.


MotorBash WagonR
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The surprise bit, however, is that Maruti generally tests its cars even for minor updates but we still do not have any spy pic of the car testing anywhere. Let us wait and see what Maruti has in store for us. But what we know is that Maruti’s SX4 is getting a facelift and we do have spy pics of the car to be sure.


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