Ahead of its Launch Fortuner-Rival Isuzu MU-X’ Brochure Leaked; Reveals All Details

MU-X launch date and almost all the details have been revealed…

Announcement of the new Trailblazer, launch of the New-Gen Endeavour (which took the segment by storm) and the introduction of the Next-Gen swashbuckling Fortuner, speculations of XUV700 – do you think this is the maximum heat this segment can generate? Wrong! Isuzu MU-X is here…

Autocar and Motor Octane have shared undisguised spy pics of the India-spec Isuzu MU-X and before you write it off as another outdated model about to be made available here, let us tell you it will be one of the most interesting addition in this segment. Based on the I-GRIP platform MU-X is the newer-gen model of Isuzu’s MU series of SUVs (currently represented by their lanky MU-7 in India).

We already have had the first glimpse of it when Isuzu launched the D-Max V-Cross adventure pick-up (Vcross is based on MU-X) at real interesting price points.

The new MU-X shares its looks with the V-cross with a different rear. Isuzu has recently unveiled a facelifted MU-X internationally. Do note that India will get the pre-facelifted version of the car and according to the report, the facelift may come sometime next year.

In a latest, MU-X’ brochure has leaked all the details of the upcoming SUV, courtesy Team-bhp. Let us list the details and specs in pointers..

MU-X Features & Specs

Interiors of the India-spec SUV also resemble V-Cross but it features leather seats, automatic gearbox and a dashboard sharing cues with Trailblazer.

MU-X, which shares its underpinnings with the Trailblazer (Chevrolet has also announced Next-Gen Trailblazer for India), comes with features like 3 tonne towing capability, 5-star crash test (ANCAP) rating and all the regular bells and whistles you expect from a car of this segment.

In terms of styling and design, though not in the league of Endy or Fortuner, it still manages to look fresher and relatively modern.

MU-X Launch in India

MU-X will be launched in India on May 11.

Now, why MU-X can make a difference in this segment is because it will be assembled here in India at Isuzu’s Sri City plant in Andhra Pradesh, which already assembles sibling V-Cross (which is a major reason of its luring price tag). If Isuzu can undercut its competition, unlike the current MU-7, the new MU-X has a big potential in our market which can unsettle major rivals like Fortuner, Endeavour, Pajero Sport etc.