Its Official! Iconic JEEP Coming to India

The ever burgeoning SUV market in India is all set to witness history. As we had already shared with you about the possibility, the American Iconic SUV manufacturer JEEP is coming to India

In a gala event held in Mumbai today, JEEPs entry in India was officially announced by Mr Mike Manley, COO for Asia and President and CEO of Jeep Brand. MotorBash covered the event and more information would follow soon.

Though the exact dates have not been revealed but the company is targeting 2013 end to get its big, bulky machines rolling onto our roads. To start their Indian operations, JEEP would bring the flagship Wrangler and Grand Cherokee to India. Both these machines would be imported either as CBUs (Completely Built Units) or CKDs (Completely Knocked Down Units) and hence would attract a lot of duties.




Jeep’s SUVs would be sold at independent Jeep’s dealerships which would ensure a more responsive and dedicated service experience. Jeep’s strategy would be to introduce the brand, expand the network and improve upon the brand awareness and perception.

We must admit, JEEP is already pursued as a hardcore off-roading brand in India and this would definitely help the company initially. Rest would depend upon how they pursue their path going forward.

It is expected that prices of Jeeps SUVs would be around between Rs 30-40 Lakh which definitely would make them a costly affair. But we expect them to bring in the lesser priced Patriot, Compass and Liberty as well. But obviously, that would depend upon the response the company gets initially.

So, are you ready for some ground crushing fun…Its coming soon!


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