Chevrolet really had a very busy last year in India. They launched a plethora of cars in the Indian market right from the flagship new Captiva to the refreshed Spark.

Their product onslaught included a mix of international models like Cruze, Captiva and Chinese products like Sail twins and Enjoy MPV. However, even if we look at it from the most generous of eyes, the response has not been as good as Chevrolet would have expected.


Though their Sail sedan and Enjoy are doing decently, their is a lot more that Chevrolet can do in India РBring the Chevrolet Tracker to India (which is also known as Trax in some markets). We all know how a single product can change fortunes for a company. Specially considering the fact that compact SUV is the real buzz word in India.

Duster has single-handedly taken Renault to a higher position in the monthly sales charts, higher than some better known and older players. With 30,000 bookings in 17 days, EcoSport is all set to do it for Ford India as well. Almost all other manufacturers have hinted that they are working on a compact SUV/crossover for the Indian market.

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Even if a manufacturer talks about one, people flock to listen what’s on offer. And Trax/Tracker already has a few followers in India. The newest market that Tracker will be launched in is going to be Brazil. ¬†Tracker has got the looks, it has got the right size and all Chevrolet needs to do is produce it here and launch it at good prices.

We are sure, if Chevrolet had launched the Tracker in India, it would have done higher sales then the total sales of Sail Twins combined or even the Enjoy! It’s written for the company, all they need to do is act; Chevrolet are you listening?

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