ix25 Will Come with Verna’s 1.6L Engines & a New Name for India

Hyundai is preparing at least two products in the SUV/Crossover segment for India which will be launched within this year. Unveiled as the ix25 to the world, a report at Autocar says that GS (codename) will have a different name for our market.

Moreover, they also reveal that it will come with Verna’s 1.6 liter petrol and diesel engines. On the current Verna, they produce 123 PS/155Nm and 128PS/260Nm of power and torque respectively.


At 4.27 meters in length, Hyundai’s GS sits right between the EcoSport and Duster and will not be a ‘Small’ car in India. Renault’s Duster, in comparison produces 85PS and 110PS from its 1.5L diesel engine and 104PS from its 1.6L petrol engine.

We have driven the Verna¬†quite a number of times, however it doesn’t feel a 128PS car at all and considering this, let us tell you do not be judgmental at this point of time.


Autocar further says that Hyundai has set a target of 4000 monthly units which is absolutely achievable considering Hyundai’s latest cars but what is concerning is the expected price tag they have put. The report says Hyundai may place the ix25 in the range of Rs 11 to 15 lakhs which is definitely over than what the generic buyer may be expecting.

Launch is expected around August this year. The other product is the i20 cross which is launching next month.

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