Anybody who has been following motor shows around the world would agree that glamour comes as a standard fitment. This is more so when the yearly jamboree reaches Los Angeles where they really do know how to put up a show or two! Jaguar Land Rover PLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of our very own Tata Motors, have been rather busy working on developing and fine tuning their F-Type Coupe.


They first showcased its concept C-X16 two-seat, rear-wheel-drive sports coupe at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 and since then wires and waves have gone abuzz speculating on the final production model. Well, in an official confirmation, Jaguar has confirmed that it is all ready with it now and are going to unveil it in a couple of weeks’ time during the Los Angeles Motor Show on 19th of November.

The scintillating coupe will go on sale from spring 2014 and will also make an appearance at the Tokyo Auto Show on 20th Nov.

Unless you virtually own the Porsche SE of Stuttgart, you will agree that the new F-Type Jag is a stunner to look at. Since the F-Type Convertible was launched September last year, people have been pitting it against the 911 and many were not surprised to find out that the F-Type Convertible had everything, except a hardtop, to stand up to the iconic Porsche 911.

Like the Convertible, the new F-Type Coupe will be powered by a V6 delivering 335 bhp, or a V6-S developing 375 bhp, or a V8 spewing 488 bhp of raw muscle. The later version of the F-Type might even feature a 475 bhp hybrid with a supercharged V6 and an electric motor. For now though, it’s all petrol. The new F-Type will feature the Jag’s automatic electronic centre differential which senses the traction of the four wheels and delivers the power according to driving conditions.

We already have the gorgeous F-Type in India launched in July at Rs 1.37 Crore.

If the overwhelming positive response generated by the F-Type Convertible is something to go by then one can safely assume that the new Coupe will eventually prove to be one of the most successful and sought out Jags of all time.And we Indians can rightly be proud of the fact it happened while Messrs TATAs were at the helm.

– By Sufi




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