Jaguar to unveil C-X17 concept study

A marquee brand recognized for making gorgeous, luxurious cars is soon delving into the land of crossovers. According to a new press release sent by Jaguar, they will unveil a new concept, the C-X17, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jaguar has informed that the C-X17 is created as a design study to auspicate its all-new, very advanced aluminium architecture. If Jaguar feels that the concept has even more potential, then it could go ahead and introduce even more vehicles squatting on the same platform.

Jaguar to unveil C-X17 concept study

This also highlights the mushrooming trend towards crossovers. Why stay content with either easy riding but sissy looks and brawn but boat-like handling when you can get the best of both worlds in one set of wheels? The image handed over to us in the PR does give away some hints about the vehicle being a crossover.

Even after being acquired by the Indian salt-to-tea conglomerate Tata, Jaguar doesn’t appear to have lost its innovative edge.
The hype that will now be created over the advanced aluminium architecture will help stave off the persisting doubts that had crept up after the Tata takeover.
Other things that will light up Jaguar’s stall at the Frankfurt show will be the display of its newly introduced production models. The recently launched “R” performance models i.e. the XJR and the XFR-S, will be present alongside the XF Sportbrake and the F-Type.




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