JEEP’s CEO Reveals New Details on Entry Level Compact SUV; Is it the India Bound B-SUV?

Back in December 2012, along with Fiat, Jeep also revealed their upcoming Indian lineup (Read Here). The portfolio comprised of as many as 8 new products. Out of these, the most striking was the one tagged with B-SUV!

This is the Jeep Cherokee which will be India’s C-SUV

In the meantime, Jeep unveiled and launched the Cherokee (not the Grand Cherokee) in international markets and a few Indian media reports suggested that this Cherokee will be India’s B-segment SUV that Jeep talked about. However, we mentioned and always maintained that Cherokee looked bigger than a B-segment car and appeared more of the C-SUV that Jeep will be bringing to India.


And now, we have a few fresh details coming right from the CEO of Jeep, Mr Mike Manley. He reveals that Jeep will offer a sub-compact SUV in 2014 in US. If you read further you will also start webbing the B-SUV we talked about earlier and the new sub-compact SUV that Jeep’s CEO revealed details of. A possibility clearly hints at a relation in both of these.

Fresh details on Jeep’s Baby Cherokee:

  • It will be launched in USA in 2014
  • It will be assembled in Italy and will use a Fiat platform
  • Name of this new compact SUV has not been revealed.
  • It will be a front-wheel drive SUV
  • It will be 4.2 meters in length, smaller than 4.6 meters of Cherokee. In Indian context, it will be smaller than Renault Duster’s 4.3 meters as well.

Jeep will begin its onslaught in India towards the end of this year with the premium Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. According to the product sheet Jeep shared (pictured above), launch of the B-Segment SUV in India is slated in 2015, before the C-SUV. These details add upto our revelation of the engine bits of the Jeep’s B-Segment SUV (Read Details).

If this is the India bound B-Segment SUV that Jeep talked about, we are upto something really exciting. A size smaller than Duster, credentials of an SUV, with the Jeep’s rugged heritage – we are excited!

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