Faced any tire troubles lately? No? Then there is a chance that you might not know the brand of footwear your vehicle wears. Incidentally, this is one area where all but the most ardent motor enthusiasts pay any but cursory attention.

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If you are looking to buy a new set of tires for your cars, you might like to consider this. JK Tyres have introduced 3 new products for your car – Ultima Neo, which, according to JK Tyres, can help you save your fuel bills. If you like to push your car to find its limits, you might like to try the Ultima Sport, which, has better braking characteristics. For your luxury cars they have on offer UX1, which they say improves the ride comfort.

Along with these 3 new tyres for cars, JK Tyres have introduced a total of 10 new products catering to the demands of LCVs, buses and Trucks. The new tyres were launched yesterday and present on the occasion of the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Mr. A K Bajoria, President & Director, Mr. Vikram Malhotra, VP, Marketing & Sales, and Mr. V K Misra, Technical Director, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. With the launch of these new tyres, JK Tyre expects to see a Rs 300 crore increase in its turnover.

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JK Tyre & Industries Ltd has 9 tyre manufacturing units in our country and Mexico with a capacity of 20 million tyres and they have recently crossed the 20 million tyres per annum milestone. They are also big time into motor sports like racing and carting.

Here is a list of all JK Tyre’s new products:

Category Brand Names USP
Car Radials Ultima NEO Revolutionary Tread pattern profile with optimized footprint leading to Fuel savings of more than 20% of tyre costs
Ultima Sport Optimised shoulder stiffness gradient for Shortest braking at high speeds
UX1 High Strength-extra flexible sidewall resulting for unmatched ride comfort. Ideal for luxury cars – Audi, BMW and Mercedes
LCV Bias JET R MILES Super High NSD, Unique Rib Geometry  for Ultimate Mileage
JET XTRA High Tread Depth, Unique Step Geometry for Premium Mileage
Truck/Bus Bias JET XTRA LOAD Designed to carry extra load effortlessly, powered by Reinforced Bead Construction
JET TRAK 39 XTRA Takes on any load, powered by Super Strong Nylon Casing
Truck/Bus Radials JETSTEEL JDC3 Rugged lug design with deeper tread for better traction and superior cut resistance compound
JETWAY JUH4 Five Rib wide tread  pattern for Smooth wear and directional stability
JETWAY JUC3 Robust Semilug Pattern design for all round performance

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