Renault has seen it in Brazil. Duster, once the reigning highest seller was pushed way down by the launch of the new EcoSport, despite its (EcoSport’s) higher price tag. And are we all set to witness the same here in India?

It appears so! Renault has released the official tally of its July 2013 sales. The company has registered a two fold growth when we compare it with the July of last year. It sold 3763 units in July 2013 against the 1776 units it managed in July 2012. However, in terms of month on month figures, Renault has fared badly. Against a total of 6007 units it sold in June 2013, the current figures of 3763 units are marginally higher than half.

Renault-Duster (2)

Duster Tumbles on its Anniversary

Duster was launched exactly one year back. It was a wave that catapulted it to the pinnacle when it came to monthly sales of SUVs. It also ensured Renault enjoy a huge success and positioned it over some older, more experienced players in the Indian market.

Come June 26th and its chief nemesis, Ford EcoSport was launched which has seen massive bookings and fan following. It appears to be a clear case of EcoSport eating into Duster’s sales as its complete July 2013 sales stood at 3089 units only. Compare this with its last month’s sales of 4523 units and you will understand the magnitude of the fall.

Renault_Fluence_Facelift (2)

Other Siblings are DUD

Duster’s performance was always regarded well but it was always the lack of support from its other stable-mates that was a big cause of concern.

Duster’s 3089 units for the month of July 2013 also costed the complete tally (and positioning) of Renault to suffer big time. In terms of figures, Scala, Pulse, Fluence & Koleas combined accounted to a paltry 674 units only.

Carwise sales for July 2013

  • Renault Duster: 3089 Units
  • Renault Scala: 371 Units
  • Renault Pulse: 292 Units
  • Renault Fluence: 10 Units
  • Renault Koleos: 01 Unit
  • Total Sales : 3763 Units

It is time Renault becomes proactive and consider the upcoming fierce competition in this space in the form of Nissan Terrano and others. As a first, it is the price correction to Duster that is needed!

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  1. Renault will soon have to pack and close down its shop due to it’s own making. I have lost faith and trust in the company because I personally have experienced that people who sell cheat you on the pricing. One day they quote you one price and the other another price. How can this be ? I found this to be very strange. People involved in selling the cars should be fired by the company for this kind of fraud and inconsistencies. There is also a lot of complaints with service back up, service dealers not doing the job and so on. It is scary to contemplate buying vehicles from Renault for you are not sure if you are firstly if you are not getting cheated on the price and then on the service.. Customer be ware!!!!


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