July 2014 Sales: At 2,913 Total Units, Nissan Jumps 138%; Still Not Satisfactory!

Nissan India has been in India since 2005 but they have not really enjoyed their stint here yet! No real interest in the market initially costed them a lot of time and money. However, very lately, they have risen from slumber and have taken things in their hands…

This July they clocked a roll-out of 2,913 units from their dealerships as compared to a mere 1,226 units in the same month last year, which translates to a jump of 138 per cent. This adds up to 17,597 units, their total tally of ‘sold vehicles’ so far in this financial year, which is a jump of over 10,000 units from last year when they clocked just 7,494 units by this time.


These sales include all Nissan cars including Datsun Go, which brings us to the other part of the story. As has already been admitted by Nissan officials, the response to their Go hatchback is not really ‘as per expectations’. When we last talked to them last, they were hopeful of 4-5k monthly sales alone, however it looks like its not even half of that!

The launch of updated Sunny is expected to bring some cheer to the tally whereas we do not expect the new Evalia to do any wonders. The Datsun Go’s sales figure does bring out the sweat on their brows but Micra is showing some good form off late. If they manage to push it up a bit more, they surely will be in business…


The Terrano, which is a rebadged Duster, has also started losing steam, which is a bit of a concern as the Renault Duster is still clocking good numbers.

They are in the process of expanding in the country and with the Go+ MPV coming soon, we can expect some better sales reports in the coming months.

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