Know Registration Details of Any Car in Seconds

A few days back when I was in the market to buy a used off-road machine, I terribly wished if I could get an easier way to make sure the supposedly owner of the vehicle is not playing upon me by showing forged documents and ownership records.

You sold off your car to a known/unknown person and have completed all the formalities of changing ownership of your sold car from your end and wish to know if the transfer of ownership has actually been done or not?

You are caught or a witness to an accident or any emergency…

In all the above cases you wish we have a simplified procedure of knowing the actual registration details of the car/bike. Don’t you? In case yes, then read how easy it actually has become now!

You just need to type in an SMS and send and voila! here you receive your inquired details.

Type vahan and the required registration number and send it to 092-1235-7123. For example, your car’s registration number is MH14AA1000, you needs to type in ‘vahan MH14AA1000’ and send it to the number listed above.

This is personally tested on all my vehicles ie Maharashtra and MP and it really is one of the easiest ways to know automobile registration details.

I have received SMS in not more than 30 seconds. Details included in the SMS:

  1. Registration No:
  2. RTO office:
  3. Owner number:
  4. Owner Name:
  5. Vehicle:
  6. Regn/Fit:
  7. Road Tax Paid:

For me, only the SMS base charges applied.

Let us use this in all correct ways.

19 thoughts on “Know Registration Details of Any Car in Seconds”

  1. Hi i want to purchase a bike,So i want to know whether the bike owner is genuine or not so tried the above procedure but i am not getting the details of the owner i am jst getting the RC/FC details and validity. So can anyone suggest me how to get the details of Ownership?

  2. I got only RC/FC details and tax details. No ownership details shown in your message. So can anyone suggest me how to get the details of Ownership?

  3. It doesn’t work have been trying since almost a month but always failed in getting the result, I think the Number itself is not in USE.

  4. pls give me the details of this car, I’m going to buy this car so need to authentic the transaction. Car number MH 02 AL 6968


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