KUV100 is a Hit Already – Garners 21000 Bookings & 1.75 Lac Enquiries

21000 KUV100 Bookings – half for petrol: Mahindra must be laughing its way

It was innovative and smart of Mahindra to go this way. They knew they are not strong in cars and if they launch a regular hatchback it, in all probability, will not work amidst the intense competition. And at the same time they had to expand into this segment in search of more market share.

They thought of fighting with the Swifts and others in trademark Mahindra style. They introduced a micro-SUV bang against the established players of B segment and the end result is this – the new KUV100 has registered immense interest and 1.75 Lakh enquiries which have translated into 21,000+ bookings within one month of its launch in January is a testimony to this fact.

In addition, Mahindra informs they have registered 2.7 million visits on KUV’s website. As with the Kwid, buyers and prospect buyers have admired KUV100’s SUV-like looks and build against the hatchbacks of that size.

Mahindra KUV100 official

This is also Mahindra’s test as KUV100 comes with two new 1.2 liter small petrol and diesel engines developed indigenously. Mahindra further says that almost half of the bookings are for the petrol variant. This has led to the company increasing the production capacity of KUV100.

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Despite the fact that KUV100 is priced slightly above our expectations, it has managed to get a real good start. Mahindra has to ensure it can sustain the momentum. They have already confirmed that a bigger KUV is under development.

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