The upcoming Tokyo Motor Show is set to be one of the best homecoming extravaganza for Nissan’s low cost car arm, Datsun. The return of the prodigal son, which was revived after a gap of nearly three decades, has been marred with controversies, but like with time they too have learnt from their mistakes and seem to be ready to take things forward in a rather well defined manner.

After unveiling the very interesting Redi-Go concept at the Delhi Auto Show in 2014, a teaser image revealed by the company gives us a hint that the company may just be bracing up for another hatchback based compact crossover showcase which could be something on the lines of the recently launched Renault Kwid or a closer-to-production version of Redi-Go.

The teaser image shows off the trademark grille along with circular fog lamps and edgy head lamps with an LED strip. More details on the Datsun Compact Crossover will be revealed on October 29 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Datsun concept Tokyo

Yes, there is a possibility that this new concept model can be based on the Common Module Family-A (CMF-A) platform. Datsun is supposed to bring out an entry level product based on the said platform a concept version of which was the Redi-go.

Datsun redi-GO concept showcased at the Auto Expo
Datsun redi-GO concept showcased at the Auto Expo

Looks like the enthusiastic response to the Kwid has made Datsun too walk on the same path with a chance to redeem itself and finally set the cash registers clicking. India would certainly like an entry level, good looking cross hatch with an attractive price tag. In fact the generic expectation is that – Datsun’s version of the car will/should be priced lower than even the Kwid!

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Whatever be the case, the entry level small car segment is certainly experiencing some exciting times thanks to the Renault Nissan Alliance.




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