Land Rover Launches Book on Tigers – Tracking the Tiger

India, the so called land of elephants and snake charmers has a declining forest cover which has put serious question mark on the country’s development plans. Land Rover, the SUV specialists owned by Tata Motors, has shown some interest in environment conservation.

Working on this issue, the company has launched a new book titled as – ‘Tracking the Tiger’ that tracks the tigers through India’s Tiger Reserves. The book is written by a very senior and respected auto journalist Bob Rupani and the project was supported by Born Free foundation, which is Land Rover’s global conservation partner. The book is essentially a celebration of the beauty of India’s varied wildlife and brings out to the world in true flesh, a real life 50 day journey around the country’s best tiger reserves.


The first-hand account of the tiger reserves and the wildlife that resides in them is very well supported with real-time photography by renowned wildlife and nature photographer, Dhrittiman Mukherjee. Narrating his story from the interiors of the Indian jungles, with the view to create a captivating read for wildlife and travel aficionados. The entrancing chronicle covers anecdotes of the wanderers, as they explored 13 wildlife sanctuaries, across varied off-roading terrains in India, in the highly capable Freelander 2 and Range Rover Sport.


Where to Buy?

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