Swaraj Mazda Limited and Isuzu (SMLI) have been manufacturing commercial vehicles in the country since 1985. Their light and medium haul trucks are quite popular in southern states of India and these trucks have a reputation for being tough and reliable.

If you had been to any government run hospitals a few years ago, chances are that you would have seen ambulances based on SML’s commercial bus chassis. That was before Force Motors pulled the very tarmac from underneath them with their Traveller series of ambulances.


Now though, SML Isuzu seems to be limbering up its arms and legs in a bid to claw back its former share in the commercial vehicle market.

We have with us an invite by SML to attend the introduction of their New Super 12.9 SML ISUZU XM- 12990 GVW Series Truck & other XTM Series Trucks in New Delhi on 18th of this month which happens to be tomorrow.

The Super 12.9 XM 12990 GVW is a 8.5 ton rated payload truck driven by in-line 4 cylinder direct injection Isuzu engine. The 3455cc engine is BS III compliant and generates about 100bhp with 315 Nm of useful torque. The Super 12.9 XM comes in various configurations like high side deck, fixed drop side deck, aluminium container van, water tanker, and just plain cabin and chassis. SML claims that the truck returns highest mileage in its category, has low maintenance cost and is comfortable to drive. The truck is equipped with power steering and the trademark twin air ventilators atop the cabin give the New Super 12.9 a rather martial look.

We will share more details and their prices tomorrow after the event.





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