Tata Hexa Launched at 11.99 Lakhs, Lesser Than XUV500

Hexa prices are impressive but they could have floated very aggressive ‘real-introductory’ prices (at least for the base variant) to create that initial ‘shock’…

So, after a relatively long wait, Tata has launched the Hexa, which is basically the next-generation Aria. Since Aria failed to deliver, Tata coined in a new name and this time they appear to be better prepared with the product.

Hexa is being offered in three variants – base XE, mid XM and top XT.

Hexa Engine

Hexa comes with the same 2.2 Liter diesel engine in two torque tunes – 320 Nm and 400 Nm. The XE variant gets Varicor 320 engine which churns out 150 PS of peak power at 4000 rpm whereas the XM and XT come in Varicor 400 tune and produces 156 PS of power at the same rpm. Both the peak torque outputs are generated between 1700 to 2700 rpm.

The base XE variant gets a 5-speed manual transmission whereas the XM and XT trims are offered with the option of 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmissions. The top XT trim is also offered with 4X4 (Optional).

Hexa Quick Features

  • Hexa has a wheelbase of 2850 mm and a ground clearance of 200 mm.
  • It gets disc brakes all around.
  • The XE and XM variants come with 16 inch steel wheels whereas the top XT trim is offered with 19 inch alloy wheels, which we believe may be an overkill and you may not have many options when you are in the market for a change. Both the dia sizes get 235 section tyres where the wall size is 70% and 55% respectively.
  • Hexa comes with a 60 liter fuel tank capacity and has a 5.75 meter turning radius.

Hexa Prices (Variantwise)

Hexa prices range from 11.99 Lakhs to 17.40 Lakh

Hexa XE Rs 11.99 Lakh
Hexa XM Rs 13.85 Lakh
Hexa XMA (Automatic) Rs 15.05 Lakh
Hexa XT Rs 16.20 Lakh
Hexa XT 4X4 Rs 17.49 Lakh
Hexa XTA (Automatic) Rs 17.40 Lakh

*all Hexa prices mentioned above are ex-showroom in Delhi

Hexa Prices

Quick pointers on pricing and variants

  • Tata has labelled these as ‘introductory prices’ to push fence-sitters to pay up, however, we do not see them increasing them in the near future.
  • Most of these prices are lesser than XUV500’s respective variants. XUV500 starts with the W4 variant at Rs 12.46 lakhs.
  • For all the differences in engine tuning, feature-omission etc, there is a big difference of Rs 1.86 Lakhs between the base XE and XM variants.
  • There is no automatic variant in the 4×4 guise.
  • There is a price difference of Rs 2.35 Lakh between the XM and XT variants (applicable for both manual and automatic variants).
  • Tata is charging a premium of Rs 1.29 Lakh for the 4×4 variant over the 4×2 trim.
  • This premium is Rs 1.20 Lakh for the automatic transmission over the manual tyranny.

Overall, pretty neat pricing we would say, however, it is not a shocker which we think was required to give Hexa an initial push! Still, we do see an initial interest in the crossover and it will be interesting to see how and if Hexa can break the jink Tata has had in this 15 lakh rupee segment.

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