Leaked Clear Pics of New Toyota Hilux Gives a Glimpse of Next-Gen Fortuner

What you see on this page are the first ever revealing pics of 2016 Toyota Hilux pick-up showcasing its new face as well as the rear, courtesy Ferd Facebook page.

Why is this interesting for us is because the Fortuner (and even the Innova) is based on the same platform and there is a big possibility that the Next-Gen Fortuner, which is already on tests, will see a similar face.


The pictures reveal a chrome-laden three slit grille, sharper headlamps and a new front bumper. Interestingly, the new design looks a lot tamer and less aggressive than the current Fortuner and perhaps Toyota may want to get the SUV a little more muscle.

Fortuner already sells in hoards and has a huge lead over its competition. Toyota is preparing the Next-gen of the SUV for a show sometime next year.

Very recently, Toyota launched an entry level version of Fortuner with a smaller 2.5 Liter 144 PS diesel engine and added a new top of the line 4X4 Automatic variant to the lineup.

A lot of auto aficionados consider Fortuner to be extremely overpriced. We hope Toyota launches the next-Gen Fortuner with more power, better features and higher equipment list to justify its premium price tag.

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