Leaked Images of Toyota FT-86 on the net


This photo, is thought to be the production version of the prototype FT-86 from Toyota, though Toyota hasn’t confirmed the fact but this picture is hovering all over the internet right now. The fun factor is, this is a rear wheel drive car (I assume you know what I mean), the engine is a flat-four, mated to a 6 speed manual ‘box, 6 speed auto optional. This engine will also be seen on Subaru BRZ Sports Coupe but with higher power output. For Toyota this engine will pump out around 150 kW (that’s huge!) while for the Subaru it will be almost 223 kW (that’s even huge!!) Whatever the outputs are, they will surely be fun to drive. More than fun, this also signifies that Toyota and Subaru are working together.

With some more ‘inside’ bits like a limited slip differential, independent suspension and other stuffs, and an extremely low weight of just 1,100 kgs, is this the new Nissan 370Z? Have your say. We think we’ve to go to Australia to find out as it won’t be launched in India any sooner, though if you liked the way it looks, stay tuned for more pics.

News Source: Top Gear Australia

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