List of 7 Major Feature Slashes on New Safari Storme LX

At the upfront it may look like that Tata has reduced the entry prices of the new Storme facelift launched yesterday, but there is more to the story than what it appears! There is a lot of feature reduction which has gone in to make the new prices possible. We compare the new Storme LX with the old Storme LX (from its Launch brochure in 2012) and here is a quick list of what you no longer get with the new entry variant…

Safari Storme LX Variant Feature Reduction

  • No Rear Disc Brakes. LX gets traditional drum brakes at the rear
  • No Side footsteps
  • Seating capacity reduced. LX is offered as a 5 seater ONLY!


  • Only driver gets power windows with express down feature now. It was on all 4 windows on LX earlier
  • Driver’s seat is NO MORE height adjustable
  • No Cigarette Lighter in front console
  • Auxiliary sockets have been reduced to 1 (from the earlier 2)
  • The biggest omission: LX does NOT get ABS! They were offered on all variants earlier.

Storme’s LX variant costed Rs 9.95 Lakhs when launched in 2012 ans the last prices we know were 10.41 Lakhs. The older Safari Storme was being offered at real high discounts which rose to 1 lakh or more for some variants for some months (all prices ex-showroom Delhi).

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The biggest exclusions we see are on the safety front. When the whole country is talking about installing airbags even on smaller cars, Tata has slashed rear disc brakes as well as ABS from the base variant which are gross omissions. So, LX more or less becomes a marketing variant which could flash headlines as ‘Storme starts at 9.99 Lakhs‘.

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  1. Safari being such a brilliant product what Tata is doing to it GOD KNOWS. Safari has matured and aged well and it is time to completely rewamp it they can easily take designing clues from jag or land rover to come up with something fabulous looking at the featutres a brilliant ac power windows power steering all disc brakes and traction control and hill descent should suffice and the designing part is essential only than this cult vehicle will retain its glory


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