List of All 11 Upcoming Fiat Car Launches in India Till 2016: Official

After zillions of days of slumber, it seems that the Italian giant, Fiat has finally woken up and woken up to something BIG in India!

The first correct step they took was to take things in their own hands and part partial ways with Tata. A little while ago, Fiat conducted a press briefing in Mumbai where they unveiled all their plans and roadmaps towards their future products in India.


Fiat dedicated the complete 2012 for preparing and launch of exclusive Fiat distribution network and now is the time to earn dividends. Here we list all their products which are coming to India

Year 2013

This will be the year which will mark the entry of real Fiat. The Italians will start by launching refreshed variants of Punto and Linea towards early 2013 and follow them up with a new model – Linea Classic. What will this Linea Classic be is not known, but it appears that before launching the new Linea in India, the current Linea might get the ‘Classic’ tag and might be sold as a lesser variant. Here are the 3 Fiat launches for the year 2013:

  1. New Punto Refresh: Initial 2013
  2. New Linea Refresh: Initial 2013
  3. Linea Classic: End of 2013


Year 2014

Year 2014 will be the most important and exciting year for Fiat and prospect customers where they will launch not one or two but three new models. The year will be welcomed by the New Linea followed by New Punto. And following these two will be possibly the most important segment launch – CUV. Either it is Crossover Utility Vehicle or Compact Sports Utility Vehicle, we will take either forms!

  1. Punto New Model: First half of 2014
  2. B-Segment CUV: Second half of 2014
  3. New Linea: Starting 2014

Year 2015

Till now, a lot of expectations will be fulfilled by Fiat and with new products, sales must be in full swing…at least that is what is expected! In 2015, Fiat will launch Special Models of New Punto and New Linea, both towards the middle of the year.

  1. Special Edition of Punto: Middle of 2015
  2. Special Edition of Linea: Middle of 2015


Year 2016

Fiat will launch model refreshes of their then New Punto, Linea Classic and New Linea towards the start of the year and sit quiet.

  1. Refresh of 2015 Punto
  2. Refresh of Linea Classic
  3. Refresh of New Linea

All these add upto a total of 11 new product launches for for the coming 4 years. Currently, according to Fiat, their two products Punto and Linea operate in a market segment of around 22 percent. With these new introductions (including JEEP’s products which we will talk about in an upcoming article), Fiat/Jeep will play in a bigger ~40% market with obviously better and more ammunition. Fiat wants to take their negligible current market share to around 5 percent in the times to come.

Do you think, these products will take Fiat to the place they want to achieve? Are you excited..? Yes, we are!

Stay tuned as we follow this article with official list of upcoming Jeep products.


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  1. I m Fiat punto user i say this car is best of all small cars power pickup average n sitting is the best for log drive.

  2. i bought a new fiat linea facelifted,it is an awessssome carrr ,good comfort,good handling..and the heavy perfomance,t jet…fiat ki jaiii


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