Car companies have realized the fact that nothing short of an armed revolution can fix up our broken roads hence the development of ‘crossover’ cars. Crossovers are designed to handle the kind of surface our cars are subjected to on a daily basis. I am sure that you will agree that we do not have to go hunting for an off-road trail to enjoy the low-gear grunt of our automobiles, we just have to take it out of the garage and on to our ‘roads’.

Manufacturers have taken note of the situation and are unleashing the ‘crossover’ breed into the market. However, the crossover hatchbacks we are being subjected to appear more of a ‘latch-on-to-the-opportunity’ kinds with no real crossover attributes, obviously off-coarse apart from the badges 😉

So here is a list of all the upcoming Crossover Hatchbacks we will get to see on our roads in 2014

1. Volkswagen Cross Polo:

First to come up with a crossover hatch was the German Volkswagen with their Cross Polo. However, against the international version what we got was just a cosmetically puffed-up version of the car without any real rough-road credentials whatsoever.


Nonetheless, according to a few reports Volkswagen will bring in a better (attempt) Cross Polo with the upcoming 1.5L diesel engine and higher ground clearance and a wee bit of crossover traits sometime in 2014.

More Details on Cross Polo

2. Toyota Etios Cross:

Just a couple of days back Toyota was caught testing its Etios Liva-based Etios Cross in Pune. It is to be noted that the Cross Etios has already been introduced in Brazil and Argentina and one can hope to see it introduced in India as early as February of this year.


With silver roof rails and protruding wheel arches, Toyota has tried every drab bit to make it a crossover hatch but frankly speaking, it looks like a desperate attempt at…well nothing!

More Details & spyshots of Etios Cross

3. Fiat Punto Based Crossover

Fiat is also understood to be working on a similar vehicle which will be based on its hatchback Punto. Not many details are known yet but what we do know are the official engine details of the upcoming car. It will sport Fiat’s 1.4L naturally aspirated petrol engine and the 1.3L Multijet diesel engine.

Fiat Grande Punto Limited Edition Red Front

Again, it is expected that the car will be more or less Punto in a ghilli suit than a thoroughly worked out proper crossover. It will be launched towards the second half of the year in India and a bleak possibility of Fiat showcasing it at the Auto Expo also exists.

More Details & spyshots of Punto based Crossover Hatch

Crossover hatches may have a market in India, but we fail to understand why the companies are resorting to just superficial changes to the cars instead of making them more capable. Volkswagen and Toyota haven’t, will Fiat do it with its Cross Punto to stand up and lead by example.

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