The four wheeler market in India has been going through a tumultuous time, having stared at the ugly face of decline for the sixth consecutive month. In April 2013, it shriveled by about 10! A weakening economy coupled with high interest rates and volatility in fuel prices is shooing off customers from the car showrooms.

In these beleaguered times, Maruti Suzuki continues to stamp its authority as the dominant manufacturer in India. In a recently released list of the five vehicles that clocked up the highest sales figures, Maruti Suzuki ruled the roost with four of its models finding themselves in the pecking order. Despite the decrease in the sales numbers of some of its models like the Alto, the podium finish remains unscathed.


Maruti-Suzuki’s utter dominance doesn’t come as a surprise, infact what caught our eye was the vehicle which was positioned at the bottom of the perch. It’s the Mahindra Bolero!

In case you didn’t twitch your eyebrow after reading it, let us inform you that it is the first time in five years that a Utility Vehicle has managed to claim a spot in the Top Five list. The Bolero has been an old and efficient workhorse from Mahindra & Mahindra, and its “Tiffin Box” design does look dated. In fact the UV itself is based on quite an old platform but it still manages to lure our mango people, specially the rural crowd.

Mahindra Bolero has consistently ranked in the top 10 monthly sellers list for the past many many months. It is really baffling to see how a car based on a really old platform can manage to do wonders whereas more modern and often well priced cars find the going tough. That is what is I-N-D-I-A!

Moreover, it is the underlying fact that assumes importance. We cannot just deny that Utility Vehicles are capturing the imagination of quite a few people, especially diesel-powered ones. In the last fiscal, the sales of Utility Vehicles rose by an undeniable 52% whereas Passenger Vehicles recorded a puny growth of 2.15%.Top-5-Selling-Cars-India

Numbers show that nearly one-out-of-every-five vehicles sold in India is an Utility Vehicle. Isn’t that reason enough for each and every carmaker to command a good presence in this segment? And yes, that is what is happening. Almost every car maker in India has one or two models in the utility vehicle segment. If not, they are planning to bring them in sooner.

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Source: Business Standard





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