List of 3 Upcoming Variants of Tata Nano: Includes Automatic!

Tata Nano was Ratan Tata’s dream to give Indians an affordable and cheap mode of transportation. In one of the interviews preceding the launch, I remember the gentleman describing an incident which could be called as the birth of the Nano Concept.

He said that he had stopped at a traffic signal in his very comfortable S-Class and it was raining heavily. That’s when he noticed a family on a scooter trying hard to fit everyone and yet manage not to fall off! There was a kid standing in the front, the father riding the scooter, and the mother holding a kid in one hand and an umbrella on the other, which wasn’t really helping. Mr. Tata wanted to give an option in which these kind of small families can travel safely, and yet easily afford it.

Unfortunately the Nano did not live up to its expectations, shrouded by the Singur-political controversy and occurrences of models catching fire. Nano has not been able to utilize even half of its production capacity of 20,000 units per month. Tata is also upto it and have decided for a turnaround of the brand by adding a fresh boost of life and making it a more appealing smart city car.

Very recently, they introduced power steering on the car and called it as Nano Twist! Here are three more upcoming variants of Nano which will be launched in our markets soon.

1. Nano Twist Active: One of the earliest criticisms which the Tata Nano faced was the fact that it did not have a power steering even as an option in higher models. Nano Twist resolved the issue with a new Electronic power assisted steering; the instrument panel also went through a makeover. Next up is the Nano Twist Active which will get all the features of Twist and in addition will feature an openable rear-hatch and a larger fuel tank of 24 liters. It also carries some cosmetic enhancements.


Tata showcased it at the Auto Expo and we hope it will be launched in our markets sometime this year.

More Details & Pics of Nano Twist Active

2. Nano Twist F-Tronic: Tired of changing gears continuously? The Nano F-Tronic is the solution. The car gets a new Automated Manual Transmission along with all the features of Nano Twist Active. As you must have guessed it already, Nano F-Tronic will go on to become the cheapest automatic car in the country.

Tata-Nano-F-tronic-AMT-pic (2)

In what could be called as great news, test mules of Nano F-Tronic AMT have been snapped and its launch is slated towards the end of this year.

More Details & Pics of Nano Twist Ftronic AMT

3. Nano Plus: There are strong rumours that Tata is making serious efforts to employ a bigger petrol engine on the Nano and the variant could just be called as Nano Plus. The present 624cc 2 pot motor produces a paltry 38PS of power and 51Nm of torque. Nano Plus is expected to get a 3 cylinder 800cc petrol engine.

A more powerful peppy engine on the Nano will definitely help the company make it a more fun to drive city car. There has been no official confirmation regarding Nano Plus from the company’s’s side, but an additional variant up there somewhere will definitely make Nano a more luring buy for customers.

If you were waiting to read Nano Diesel’s name in this list, let us disappoint you that the company has axed the plans to launch it in our markets. You can read all the details here.

Hopefully these new models will be the necessary catalyst to ensure Tata Nano sells as many units as it deserves.

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