As reports flow in, it now becomes clear that a lockout has ensued at Toyota’s plants at Bidadi near Bangalore. The issue has taken a turn for the worse, with Karnataka Government’s intervention having been sought for quick resolution.


An official release from Toyota Kirloskar Motors has hinted at high-handedness by the labour union. The Management and the Union have not been able to sort out the issue over the charter of demands for the FY 2013-14. Bipartite meetings failed, as did seven tripartite meetings involving the Labour Department of the Government of Karnataka. The company has accused a certain section of employees of hijacking the production line by unlawfully threatening and abusing supervisors.

Thus, Toyota claims that the lockout at both the plants was necessary to ensure the safety of its workers and management personnel.

New-Toyota-Etios (2)

The Union, on the other hand, is painting a different story. They state that the lockout has been issued for the 4,200 unionised workers at the plant. About 1,500 contractual workers of the plant have not been affected by the lockout. The Union claims that Toyota is still rolling out vehicles with the help of the 1,500 contractual workers.

According to the Union, the Japanese carmaker didn’t agree to their demand of 4000/- INR as wage hike. Instead, the company proposed a hike of 3,050/- INR. According to the Union, the offered hike is much below that offered in the previous fiscal. The Union wants the Karnataka Government to intervene and solve the problem quickly. A memorandum has been submitted by them to the Government on this matter, and they even plan to¬†hold demonstrations in front of Labour Department.




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