The new Renault Lodgy adds to the growing list of people-carrier options in the country. Referred to as Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs), this segment is one of the fast moving ones and many manufacturers are trying to snatch a pie from the Ertiga, which rules the roost! An MPV offers space for 5+2, can be your daily office companion and when needed a decent highway mile muncher.

Gradually, this segment has been divided into two sub segments and the Lodgy sits right in between the Innova on one side and the Ertiga/Mobilio on the other. We shared Lodgy’s comparo with Innova yesterday and today let us talk about how it stands vis-a-vis the smaller (in size) competition.

Ertiga vs Lodgy
Gives us a clear view of how big the Lodgy is, against the Ertiga

Lodgy vs Ertiga vs Mobilio

Engine and Performance:  Lodgy’s 1.5L K9K takes care of both the extremes. It offers a lower powered 85PS option as well as the 110PS tuned up version which is the most powerful in the list. At 245Nm of torque, the Lodgy 110 is the most fun to drive MPV as well. Lodgy also gets you an extra cog to play with and is relatively fuel efficient. Its 21kmpl for the 85 version is higher than Ertiga. The Mobilio, however, is the miser (in terms of drinking fuel) here and the most fuel efficient MPV in the country!

While Mobilio and Ertiga, both are offered with petrol motors, Lodgy only comes with a diesel engine.

Size & Space: Lodgy is the largest car in this segment and comes with an Innova-beating wheelbase. This means that it has more usable space and the best third row seat offering among these (which can also be completely removed for dollops of luggage area). While its middle-row seats are not the best, the overall space and feel is pretty nice.

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Looks: When was the last time you booked an MPV for its looks? The same is the case with all the offerings here. They just manage to look fairly decent cars. But yes, Lodgy could have been better designed!


Ertiga is a smaller car here but fantastically priced. Both Mobilio and Lodgy have only a single (entry level) variant under its top of the line ZDI! Against the Mobilio, Lodgy is priced a wee bit higher but offers more bang for your buck! Rest, you can see in the table above…




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