We have spied a test mule of what appears to be a CNG version of the Bolero Maxitruck Plus. Frankly speaking this is a few days old spyshot and it was a little confusing whether this is a new model under test or it was the same old Bolero that Mahindra was testing.

It is when we tally this mule with Maxitruck’s official page, we really understand the reality. Mahindra offers their Bolero pickup as Maxi Truck and Maxi Truck CNG. In May this year, Mahindra launched the revamped Maxi Truck Plus and through our spyshots we reveal that the company is testing the CNG version of the same ‘Plus’ model.

Mahindra-Bolero-Maxitruck-Plus-CNG (2)

We have a good snap of the test vehicle which reveals the left-decal. The decal clearly reads “Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus CNG”.


The test vehicle has probably been subjected to extreme, long-drawn out trials. So much that even the tail-lamps have acquired a dirty, brownish hue instead of the regular red flanked by amber or clear glass. This also brings us to another point; the differences this test mule sports as compared to a regular Bolero Maxitruck CNG. One glaring changeover is the switch to clear-lens indicators (Atleast in the front and sides) instead of the regular amber ones on the Bolero Maxitruck CNG.

Mahindra-Bolero-Maxitruck-Plus-CNG (3)

The spied vehicle wasn’t hauling too much of a load. There were a few black containers stacked carefully just behind the driver’s cabin, and another blue one which was strewn carelessly at the behind. Nevertheless, we feel this Bolero Maxitruck Plus CNG will have a carrying capacity of 1 Tonne, if not more.

Since it is a “Plus” version of the Bolero Maxitruck CNG, there has to be some differentiation. The addition of a power steering seems probable, as has been done with the regular and the Plus versions of the Diesel-powered Bolero Maxitrucks. Other than that, there can be the addition of rigid leaf-spring front suspension. A similar approach has been carried out to differentiate the Diesel-driven Bolero Maxitrucks, too.


How can we forget the interiors? The Bolero Maxitruck Plus CNG could boast of these features over the regular Bolero Maxitruck CNG :

  • Dual-tone instrument panel
  • Comfortable fabric seats & matching door trims
  • Mobile charging point on instrument panel
  • Mobile holder

The Small Commercial Vehicle space is a crucial one for Mahindra. They had launched the Bolero Maxitruck Plus Diesel few months back.




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