Mahindra Developing World’s Cheapest Electric SUV!

The moment you think of electric vehicles, Tesla is one of the first names which comes to mind for anyone in the world. But before this, the folks at Reva, under the able guidance of Chetan Maini, were the pioneers of electric cars in India. The company is now owned by Mahindra and the manufacturer is serious about the future of electric vehicles in India. So an electric KUV 100?

Yes, that might just turn out to be true in the near future. A report in Economic Times claims that Mahindra has already begun working on an electric SUV, which has the potential to be the world’s most affordable electric SUV. Merging the soul of Mahindra, which means utility vehicles, with the technical expertise of Reva seems like a good plan.

Mahindra KUV100

Codenamed as S107, it can be expected to be based on the KUV 100, their smallest utility vehicle in the line-up. The company essentially wants to work on range anxiety which is a major problem associated with electric vehicles at this point of time. Hopefully, with battery technology evolving every day, a time will come when they will be significantly lighter and offer more output.

The company also has plans to bring out a CNG version of the KUV 100. Earlier, Mahindra had planned to increase the production of the vehicle but due to a slump in demand, they had to put the idea on the backburner.

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With rising levels of pollution in the world, switching from conventional means to a modern eco-friendly way is very important. While electric vehicles may not be a complete solution for a nation like India which still depends on coal, it certainly seems like a step in the right direction for now.

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