OFFICIAL: Mahindra Launches India’s First CRDe tractor – Arjun 605 MAT

M&M’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES) launched its first CRDe Tractor – the Arjun 605 MAT (Multi Application Tractor). The common-rail direct injection engines are known for their fuel efficiency as well as reduced noise and emission levels and more common in passenger vehicles. M&M are the first to introduce CRDe technology in tractors in the country. Mahindra brands its common rail engines variously as CRDe, DiCR, m2DiCR.


The turbocharged 3192cc four-cylinder 60 hp MAT falls into 50-60 hp category of Mahindra FES litany. The Arjun uses 8 forward and 8 reverse synchromesh transmission to deliver the 221 Nm worth of torque on the ground. The 605 MAT is equipped with a high/low selector lever and foot operated differential lock.

Here we go with a list of features that I find interesting in the Arjun 605 MAT:

  • Double acting balanced power steering – adjusting itself to long drive or quick turns in the field or for carrying additional heavy duty loads.
  • Quick lift technology – with a built-in memory which automatically senses the depth of cut and maintains the same even if you lift and lower the implement during turns giving the user complete peace of mind and assurance of uniformly level field.
  • The tractor comes with oil immersed disk brakes.
  • Arjun 605 MAT weighs 2300kg (dry, I should think).
  • Claimed fuel efficiency of approximately 5.5-liter/hr @1600rpm.
  • The engine comes equipped with Exhaust Gas Reuse System (EGR) for emission control.

With the oncoming of bigger players and higher competition, Indian manufacturers are offering newer technology on their tractors. These big-wheeled monsters are also becoming a lot plusher than what they were considered a few years back.

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