Mahindra XUV500 is a success and there is no iota of doubt about it. However, as it goes, with the increase in competition specially from smaller SUVs, XUV’s sales have gone down from the 3000-4000 units monthly range to something between 2000-2500 on an average.

To counter the onslaught Mahindra launched the interesting entry level W4 variant at under Rs 11 Lakhs a few months back. However, there have been two major grudges that the prospect XUV owners had, including us!

  • The White colour option was only limited to the W8 variants till now.
  • W4 only had two colour options – Black and Silver


In a latest, Mahindra has partially listened to these grievances and is trying hard to plug any gaps that may be present in the lineup. They have launched two new colour options on their variants.

Satin White:

Apart from the XUV W8 (both FWD & AWD), the W6 also gets the Satin White colour option. This means, apart from the Arctic Blue and Opulent Purple, W6 gets all the 5 colour options of the top of the line W8. W4 still doesn’t get the Satin White treatment.

Mahindra-XUV500-W4-Pics (16)
XUV W4 in silver

Dolphin Grey:

So, if you were just discarding the W4 for the lack of colour choices you had, Mahindra has introduced the entry level variant in the new Dolphin Grey colour option taking the total tally of colours available for W4 to 3 – Moondust Silver, Volcano Black and Dolphin Grey.

Confirming this development, a local dealer told us that Mahindra has informed the dealers about the new colour options which will be available and will go on sale very shortly. This goes in tandem with the recent price reduction because of the reduced excised duties which has made the XUV500 an even more tempting deal.

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