Mahindra Launches Updated Thar – Fetters Out Niggling Issues

As a lifestyle 4X4 Soft-top, off Road SUV, Thar was upshot to cater the off-roading enthusiasts of the country. Until Force brought the 2013 Gurkha, Thar was the only true blue diesel off-roading machine we could have called ‘affordable‘.


The fit and finish of Thar for an 8 Lakh car were a letdown though. Mahindra has rolled out a refreshed Thar to rectify few niggling issues in the fit and finish pointed by the customers as reported by Autocar India.

The list of changes include:

  1. A new cross bar between the A and B pillar in an effort to improve firmness of B Pillars while off roading.
  2. The auto locking hub in front axle is replaced by a more reliable fixed flange mechanism.
  3. The rear seats height is reduced by 6-7 mm to boost head room (much needed!)
  4. The old pin based Canopy attach system is replaced by a more reliable, easy to fit and remove screw based system.
  5. The Air Con control switches are upgraded to better quality switches from Bolero VLX. The meek inner door handles gets replaced stronger ones.

These changes do not come with any price change and Thar will continue to sell at the existing price. We must appreciate Mahindra for taking note of small issues customers face and addressing it effectively. There is no word on whether the DI variant of Thar will get these changes; we assume these changes might be limited only to the CRDe Thar.

Mahindra is also planning an upgraded Thar sometime in 2014-2015 which has been codenamed as 401. Read More Details here.

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– By Saravana Priyan

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