Mahindra Quanto Autoshift (AMT) Unveiled; Launch Soon in India; Pics & Details

A Quanto in ‘arctic blue’ color had a prominent place at the Mahindra’s stall at the Expo since it carried something new! The Quanto, Mahindra said, is the first compact SUV to get the new and advanced 5-speed autoSHIFT transmission. Mahindra has developed this technology in collaboration with Ricardo.

Based in Britain, Ricardo are a global multi-industry engineering provider of technology, product innovation, and strategic consulting.


This new autoSHIFT transmission is designed specifically to improve driving experience and fuel economy in urban driving conditions. The company says that “the autoSHIFT combines the efficiency advantages of a manual transmission while providing the smooth comfort and convenience of an automatic.” This appears to be true as we have seen the AMT Celerio returning same fuel efficiency figures of the manual.

The new transmission in the Quanto autoSHIFT works with electronic and hydraulic actuation systems to optimize fuel consumption and power demand of the vehicle thus providing greener, economical, and hassle-free driving experience.

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The company also disclosed that they have developed a “regenerative braking” system, which will use alternators and batteries to capture and store the generally wasted kinetic energy from a moving vehicle. Mahindra says this technology has the potential to save almost 40 litres of fuel per year, per vehicle. The company plans to introduce these new technologies to some of the existing and future models.

The first stock AMT equipped vehicle coming out from a company is the recently launched Maruti Suzuki Celerio and considering the importance of the tech, many companies are venturing into the same segment. Now that Mahindra has showcased the autoSHIFT Quanto, we do not see the company taking a lot of time in launching it in the market.

So, a Quanto with autoSHIFT, will you?

Mahindra Quanto AMT autoSHIFT Pic Gallery

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