So, you have seen tons of spy pics of Mahindra’s upcoming S101 from various parts of the country. We have too! But, there is an interesting bit we noticed in these new set of spyshots one of our avid reader Shakthi Vadivel has shared with us.

This S101 mule is running with the same heavy camouflage (plus veil) as almost all the other test cars were. But from the angle the following pic is taken shares a lot about its body proportions and design language. We know we are taking it a little too far but doesn’t this S101 seem inspired from the Land Rover Evoque in motion?


The aggressive narrow swept-back headlamps which also follow the same 3-circle design are the first resemblance. Follow that up with the similar rising body line coupled with falling roof, all together give it a definite design inspiration. Even the face has an uncanny similarity or let us say an inspiration, for sure.


The tyres, as we have maintained, appear to be puny and a wee bit larger ones will not do any harm to the car. They could also add a little bit of muscle to the wheel arches to give it a more pronounced look. We still see the car running on same dummy tail lamps. In an unclear pic, we see the S101 appears to be slightly bigger and taller than Swift.


Nonetheless, with all that flab upfront and a rounded body, S101 does appear to be a nice looking product in the making. This monocoque compact SUV will be Mahindra’s key product to garner loosing volumes and there are rumors that the company may brand it as a baby XUV, something like the XUV250, XUV300 or something similar.

Compare this with the S101 mule

On the engine front, S101 will get the new 1.2L petrol motor which is under development and its launch is scheduled for next year.

Like us, do you also feel, Mahindra has taken a few cues from the Evoque in designing their upcoming XUV300?

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