Mahindra’s ageing workhorse, the Scorpio, has remained unchanged for quite some time now. Things have come to such a passe’ that it is being termed as outdated. However, it seems all that chatter will be over in a short duration.


Mahindra has already commenced the road trials of its new Scorpio. The test mule has been spied extensively, and in each of these bustings the car had camouflages front and rear portions. The torso, however, was left uncovered. The latest footage you see here courtesy bucks the trend and shows just a camouflaged front end. All these point towards the fact that changes to the car could be concentrated in the front and the rear.

However, let us also inform that it is not an all-new model of the Scorpio. This is just a facelifted version; the next-gen Scorpio will arrive sometime in 2016-17. The spyshots do vindicate us; there is no change in the overall shape of the car.  Infact, the rear end possesses the same Christmas-Tree tail-lamps. Yes, as confused we are as you might be feeling right now.


The front-end could possibly go through the majority of the changes, but none of them are supposed to be radical enough. The earlier spyshots showed a round-headlamp configuration, but they were dummy ones used to deceive the nosey onlookers. Interestingly, this mule seems to be ferrying passengers from some point to another; passenger load/comfort testing then?

The latest spied test vehicle also appears to be the base variant, where cost-cutting is imperative. Hence, we neither get to see alloys nor the rear spoiler. Sadly, we must say that these spyshots don’t really excite us. The Scorpio Facelift runs the risk of being unable to titillate the crowd. Mahindra needs to pull their socks up!


They have milked the Scorpio cow for long enough!! It’s high time for something new. Agreed that you are working on a Next-gen model and it will take some time, but a facelift without substantial changes is no stonking proposition for a company which has been staring at a heightened melee. It is on the interiors of Scorpio,  Mahindra needs to work extensively. They are just plain jane and lack quality big time.

This Scorpio facelift will be launched in June 2014 and rumors indicate a slight raise in prices!

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