Mahindra to Launch Compact SUV in 2 Months, Verito CS by Dec

Ok, so more info pours in regarding Mahindra’s plans in the coming months. The company would be launching a compact SUV within two months from now. Now as we understand this is the Mini-Xylo Mahindra is talking about. So, finally after a long wait and a lot of scoops, we would be getting the compact SUV on our roads.


Another good news is that Mahindra would be launching the compact version of its Verito sedan which would be made available by December this year. The car would be sub-4 meters in length and hence it would qualify for being a ‘small’ car in India and hence will attract 12% excise in place of 24% for ‘medium’ sized cars. According to regulations in order to be eligible for a ‘small’ car, a car has to be under 4 meters in length and the petrol engine has to be under 1200cc and 1500cc for diesel.

“In the next couple of months, we will have our compact SUV and by the end of the year, we will launch the sub-four metre Verito. These new products will enable our sales to grow further this fiscal” Mahindra’s  Chief Executive Automotive Division Pravin Shah said.

Verito CS is expected to go with the same 1461cc diesel engine but would there be a new addition to the petrol engine. Or Or..Mahindra would go only with diesel to cash in on the growing demand of the subsidized fuel and ditch the petrol for being?

So now we know about the 3 cars out of the six planned by Mahindra that are.Verito hatchback, Verito compact sedan and mini xylo. It would be very interesting to know the remaining three variants.



Saad Khan

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Source: Financial Express


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  1. Mahindra wanted to rigorous testing on it, but then it realized the Ertiga’s already hit the markets and doing so well, so it just had to rush up. It’s a hasty decision I would say- 2 months!


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