Since Mahindra did not have a real experience of making cars, they partnered with Renault and launched a co-branded car which we all know was the robust Logan. Some time back, both the companies decided to part ways but the development time of Logan was more than enough for Mahindra to learn about cars.

And this is what propelled them to bring their own version of Logan which is in the market currently and is called as Verito. Barely into one year of existence, Mahindra launched a chopped up version of Verito called as Verito Vibe, thereby increasing their ‘car’ offerings to 2.

Vibe is the latest car from Mahindra’s stables

Now according to a report by, Mahindra is working on a new small car that will be based on the existing Verito Vibe. However, for all of you who do not like Vibe’s makeshift looks, the new car will be an all new design and is expected to be packaged differently and better engineered.

Speculatively the smaller car will also have a smaller capacity engine, but now from Mahindra’s own arsenal of future engines (which are under development) instead of the borrowed ones they use currently. It is expected to be positioned against the high selling smaller hatchbacks like WagonR and i10 and would also come with better fuel efficiency as well as lower price points.

Playing in this segment will be an Achilles Hill for Mahindra for sure but will also give them a much larger space to breathe in. With the Government specifically targeting SUV’s, the mainstay of Mahindra uptill now, its apparent that they also want to spread their wings and base their business on a wider portfolio. No details regarding the developments on this project or its target launch have surfaced so far.

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