Snazzy decals…badge proclaiming exclusivity…tastefully done-up alloys…asking price less than the W8 all-wheel-drive (W8 AWD) variant…where is the catch then!? Ah! It’s a W8 Front-wheel-drive XUV500!

So, the news is that Mahindra has launched a new limited edition of XUV500 called as ‘Sportz’. The company says that only a thousand units of XUV500 W8 FWDs will be primped up as the Sportz variant and so you can see that a pretty decent urban bully can be had by just paying a premium of about INR 25,000 (over the regular W8). Not bad if you aren’t planning to invade a neighboring country or have been saving up for a family trip to the Okavango Delta.

Mahindra-XUV-500-Sportz-Special-Edition (7)

The XUV500 is a rare Indian breed that you could drive to an international motor jamboree and tell people, while being rightfully proud, that it is made in India. It looks great. Has a dignified stance and stride. And it is packed to its front grille with goodies and gadgets. All that for a price point that any manufacturer, Indian or otherwise, will find it difficult to match. This Sportz variant if anything adds in more dollops. If you are out in the market looking for an affordable but distinguished drive, look no further.

I look askance at the decals in general, but that’s down to personal taste, but the rest of the package looks delish. Check out the alloys, the inserts around the lamps, those roof rails. The interiors look better with those leather-fabric wraps, mood lighting, 8-way height-adjustable driver’s seat, you get GPS, DVD, MP3, suffice, the offering is substantial any which way you look at it.

XUV500 Sportz Edition is priced at Rs 13.85 Lacs Ex-Showroom in Delhi between the regular W8 FWD (13.6 Lac) and W8 AWD (14.64 Lakh).

For the young city dweller that goes out on weekends for a drive to the nearby hillock or riverbed with his family, the Sportz will do just fine. It will take him, his wife, his kids, and his dog and bring them all back safe asking for more the next week. If you really are contemplating an invasion, get the W8 AWD. Highly recommended.

XUV500 Sportz Brochure:

Click on the pic to open XUV500 Sportz Brochure in PDF

XUV500 Sportz Pics:




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