Mahindra is taking their first world car XUV5OO to places. A reader of has spotted a Mahindra XUV5OO ‘on test’ in Brazil. As it is said, the XUV5OO is scheduled for launch in Brazil in 2013, and these pictures confirm that perhaps Mahindra is doing the final lap before the launch.

A lot of Mahindra SUVs are already on sale in Brazil and this, the XUV 5OO is going to be be placed over them. M&M will take part in the upcoming Sao Paulo Auto Show and will mainly highlight the XUV5OO for the overseas markets.

There is no confirmation about the technical specifications of the versions which will be launched in Brazil. Brazilian Mahindra XUV5OO would be imported from India.

What would be the changes Mahindra would incorporate from the Indian version. Let’s wait as things would unfold in times to come.


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Arghya Pan






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