Shelby has come up with the most powerful Mustang ever! And not with some aftermarket job, but with a full-fledged company tuned Mustang which pumps out a whooping 950 Brake Horse Power for the street legal version and…. Ah! Man! I can’t write this! Eleven Hundred Brake Horse Power for the ‘1000 Track’ version!!!! That’s more than enough to pop a wheelie!

Shelby has worked quite much on this ‘New’ GT500 Mustang, brought down the old V8 5.4 litre Ford and replaced it with a choice of either a 3.6 litre or a 4.0 litre supercharged engine, and with the new drive system such as a stronger drive shaft, worked up suspension system with all new fat Sway Bars, new struts and bushings etc.

The thing is, the Mustang still is rear wheel drive, won’t that be utter challenging? Anyway, who cares about driving when only 50 will b made and each one will cost around 1.01 Crores of Indian Rupees, that too in U.S.

Take a look on spec-sheet here:

> Factory 5.4L Engine Balanced And Rebuilt
> Ford Racing Crankshaft
> Carillo Rods Diamond Pistons With Ceramic Coating
> Comp Cams “Shelby Blower Grind” Camshafts
> Comp Cams Valve-Springs And Titanium Retainers
> Stage 3 Ported Heads With Extreme Duty Valves
> Arp Main Studs (Align Honed) And Head Studs (Torque Plate Hone)
> Canton 8-Quart Oil Pan
> MLS Head Gaskets
> 80 Lb. EV 14 Injectors
> Shelby Performance 1,000hp Fuel System
> KB Boost-A-Pump
> 3.6L Kenne Bell Supercharger With Inlet Pipe And 123mm Mass-Air Meter
> Kenne Bell Twin-Blade 65mm Throttle Body
> C&R Heat Exchanger
> Innovators West 10 Percent Overdrive Pulley
> Thumper RR Belt Tensioner
> Meziere 55 gpm Water Pump
> C&R Radiator And Coolant Tanks
> Dual Spal Electric Fans
> JBA 3-Inch Exhaust
> Carbon Fiber Overlay Kit

> Spec Super Twin Clutch And Flywheel Kit
> Custom Dynotech Alumi- Num Driveshaft
> Driveshaft Safety Loop
> MGW Short-Throw Shifter
> Custom Currie 9-Inch Rearend Conversion

Suspension & Brakes
> Eibach R2 Suspension
> Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates
> Shelby Front K-Member With Control Arms
> Shelby Billet Watts Link
> Rear Suspension Anti-Hop Upgrade
> Shelby/Wilwood 6-Piston Front Brakes
> Shelby/Wilwood Rear Brakes For 9-Inch Conversion
> Shelby 20×9 3-Piece Forged Billet Aluminum Front Wheels
> Shelby 20×11 3-Piece Forged Billet Aluminum Rear Wheels
> Pilot Sport Cup Tires

Interior & Exterior
> Shelby A-Pillar Gauge Pod
> Custom Fiberglass Hood
> Custom Rear Deck Filler Panel With Reflective Graphic
> Shelby 1000 Reflective Side Graphics

Competition Version
> 4.0L Whipple Supercharger
> American Racing 2-Inch Headers
> L&M 75mm Throttle Body
> Revised Tune
> Baer Extreme Front Brakes

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