The latest rage among the entry-level generic car buying crowd is the Alto 800. Alto 800 has cornered as many as 21,200 bookings within 1 week of its launch. 

The hype of Alto 80 was such that even before its launch the manufacturer has received more than 10,000 bookings. The new figures are keeping on building over this. Maruti is also promoting Alto 800 and other cars aggressively this festive season. There have been many mega camps, various offers, launch events at showrooms which ensure that the car reaches as many ears and eyes as possible.


A few days back we have already shared Maruti delivered 200 units of Alto 800 at a single dealer in a district in Kerala.

Now, there are two things we are very much interested in:

  1. How would the response remain after Maruti stops aggresive promotion and this initial hysteria settles down?
  2. How would Alto 800 affect Hyundai Eon?

Both these would be answered in the forthcoming months’ sales figures.

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Source: Economic Times





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