The upcoming mid-sized sedan from Maruti-Suzuki, the Ciaz, could be out and about as early as July this year, claims a report by a Facebook group Indian Car Enthusiasts.

The publication quotes a Maruti-Suzuki insider claiming an early Q2 (July) launch of the new C2-segmenter. The source also contends that Ciaz, at least initially, will be introduced with the 1.3-liter Multijet from Fiat tuned to produce around 90 bhp which is the case with current SX4 as well.


According to earlier reports, Ciaz will be a slightly costlier C2 segment sedan with its launch speculated sometime around September. With this report, it seems, Maruti may be planning to advance it a few months.

If Maruti-Suzuki plans to introduce the Ciaz looking and feeling like a discomposed cat in a kennel, they would kill this beautifully desirable prospect of a saloon before it is even born. I humbly urge you, my discerning reader, to behold for once the ‘dogs’ in the said kennel. The 1.3L motor, although fantastic, is just not enough for this big and beautiful a car!

Maruti-Suzuki-Ciaz-Concept-Pic (3)

So gentlemen, would you then like your Ciaz to possess anything less than the 1.6-liter Multijet with at least 105 Bhp of power and 290 Nm of torque? Nahin! Nakko! Nada!

Moreover, quashing an earlier report, Ciaz is being reportedly produced with a proper CVT transmission and NOT the cost-saving AMT. We said ‘quashing’ because we firmly believe Maruti will not be too immature to introduce a cost-saving technology in a car of 10-12 Lakhs. It deserves a proper automatic gearbox and CVT is what it should be. The current SX4 and Dzire get a 4-speed autobox.